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The task force recommended the city:

  1. Establish a “centralized, permanent” Philadelphia music office or commission.

  2. Develop a campaign for fair compensation of musicians.

  3. Fund sustained efforts to grow Philadelphia’s music economy.

  4. Create a museum or cultural center honoring the city’s music history in the Sigma Sound building on North 12th Street, where the Philadelphia Sound was coined and where artists like Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, and David Bowie recorded.

  5. Market the strengths of Philadelphia’s musical history and its current music venues and artists.

  6. Promote Philly’s music in Philadelphia International Airport and 30th Street Station.

  7. Establish temporary parking areas for artists to load and unload equipment from concert venues without receiving parking tickets.

  8. Designate hubs for creating concert promotional materials.

  9. Encourage music venues to cater to all ages.

  10. Use zoning and development policies to benefit the music industry.

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Music industry leaders, Donn "Donn T" Thompson Morelli, Marcus Bryant, Laurin Talese, Theo Aronson, joined Chairman, David Ivory and MITF members to present recommendations to City Council.

2023-MITF-Hearing-Group Shot 5 w Theo.JPG

Watch Now: Testifying at the City Council Hearing

2023-MITF-Hearing-Testimony-Marcus Bryant

2023-MITF-Hearing-Testimony-Marcus Bryant

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